Ways to Build a Log Home

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This was an extremely labor extreme construct by hand and a little help, but the result was so rewarding and gratifying! The appearance is really 1800s with a touch of 21st-century Tec understanding. Vinyl windows and poly filler for joints made it warm and comfortable.

The expense was extremely cost effective because all the product was complimentary other than shingles, windows rafters, and sheeting.

Approximated 100 + lots of stone and 75 logs that were all hand cut, and laid with love and empathy. The within the fireplace is 10' broad by 14' high and 14" thick from sandstone that was gathered in my journeys in western Pennsylvania.

The whole home is warmed with a wood-fired boiler in the basement that my papa and I developed from scrap that was lying around. The water is pumped through the pipeline into the old cast iron signs up that somebody was discarding! All but the log addition should pipe in the tile flooring and the fireplace. We keep it about 75-80 degrees in mid-winter season without any additional heating expense.